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The simplest and cheapest solution when you’re short of space in the home. No hassle, flexible and almost instant. It’s just a wonder that nobody had come up with this before. Learn more...


Garden Office

Ergonomically designed for efficient working with a wrap around desk. Guaranteed to improve the quality of your work and increase your output. A one minute commute and a stunning venue for meeting clients. Learn more...


Garden Room

This is a totally versatile unit which you can use as a summer room, guest room, hobby room and so much more. You’ll wonder how you managed without it before. Learn more...

What is the Armadilla?

At its simplest it’s a timber framed accommodation pod constructed on a steel frame.

But it’s so much more than that. It combines centuries old boat building techniques with innovative and modern methods of construction to create a unique accommodation unit loaded with all the creature comforts expected in today’s world.

Armadillas are constructed in our workshops in a controlled environment, delivered fully assembled, do not require foundations and usually do not require planning permission.

An immensely strong structure, as comfortable as any modern house, at a fraction of the cost.

And the best bit? It looks fantastic. Judge for yourself.

What will you use yours for? Please click here to view our product range and pricing.